AHO – Oslo

And that´s my place during the winter/spring term 2007! And that´s at AHO – Arkitektur- og designhøgskolen i Oslo.


It´s very nice situated next to a river and got a very nice, green roof with woodenplankets. If the sun is out, this is calling for me. As well as the basketballcourt next to AHO (see slide show). The teachers are very good and they are inviting almost twice a week very famous architect, designers and authors for guestlecturing (rich school!). The students are the typical characters whose you can find on almost every creative university; very alternative and a bit freaky. There are at least 30 foreign students at AHO, which is about 10% of the total AHO-population;-). Duo to this fact and to the rather reserved norwegian students, the foreigners buildt up there own kind of ghetto inside of AHO. Eat together, help each other, party together..


The university itself is great! They got a loooot of equipment here and every single(!) student got their own desk. Like for real, no kidding. A huge desk and it comes with lights, lockers and chairs. So working on university is not a problem. Another great thing´s the library. It´s inside the university, very cozy and very well equiped. If you have some sparetime during the universityday, just go there, grab a book and read sth. I LOVE this concept. And I love the orange couches, calling for bumming around..


I´m studying Toy- and Educationaldesign, which is kinda Industrial Design , at my home university in Halle/Germany. But duo to my missinterpreting of the course description I found myself in an Interactive Design-Class. It´s all about physical computing, structures of internetpages/menus, so to say the interaction of a human beeing with computers. Due to the fact that I´m the only foreigner in this class(about 10 students and 2/3 teachers) and because the whole interaction, computing-field is kinda new to me, I have some troubles with the course..


I´m in a course called “Tangible Interactions”. It´s about how to use RFID/NFC technology. Which is a new way to give objects an own identity. It´s like a barcode, except for beeing a lot more sophisticated. If an object got an RFID tag, then it can send information(like it´s unique ID number). This information can be received by an RFID-Reader. So you just touch or go near a object with the reader and you can receive information about it. The rest of the AHO_chapter is mainly about this course. So, if you´re interested in what RFID really is and what you can do with it and if you want to know how I struggle with this task go ahead.

For easy starters, here are some impressions of my university´s everyday life:

Using the slideshow(please, don´t click on the pictures!)

If you click on the pictures to see a larger version of them you get to one butt-ugly page and the pictures won´t become remarkable larger. So I recommend not to click on the show. However if you want to stop the slides or the music, or if you want to speed it up/slow it down just use the menu in the lower left corner of the slideshow. It´s working quite well.

[rockyou id=61873527&w=500&h=270]


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