Hi everybody! In case you´re wondering what is this all about and who did it; my name is Markus Utomo and I am studying toy_and educationaldesign in the 5th year.

This site is mainly about my work in Oslo as a freemover(exchange-student) at AHO. I´m in an interactive_design course and we´re currently working with RFID-technology. If you´re interested in that, feel very WELCOME and go ahead, sorting through the pages.

If you´re interested about my study as a toy_and_educationaldesigner go to:


If you want to learn a little bit more about me in private detail you can also check out:


In any case, thank you so much for your time and your concern.



2 responses to “welcome

  1. Hey man, where can I get a Waddi Waddi for myself? I need my own Waddi Waddi! Untill I get one, I will freeze myself to pass the time (I hope you have seen the South Park Nintendo WII episode).

  2. sure thing I have..
    just make sure that your buddy who´ll defreezing you is to be trusted..
    I´d take that job for couple o´beers;-)

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